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I took a little road trip this week with my 2yo side kick. We both had fab lunches at a little bakery on the river. “Vegan hummus sandwich” for me. (I’m trying it as a wrap.) Yummy lentil soup and roll for the little guy. He is obsessed with this soup, and I really liked the mix of ingredients on my sandwich. It will be fun to recreate the flavors at home. I love getting inspiration from menus and restaurant meals.

Side dish for a wrap? I first went to fries. What’s wrong with that?? Then I remembered how gorgeous the kale is lately. Kale chips! We’ve done this before, but it’s always been a Dizzle project. (Totally Tasty!) I’m looking forward to experimenting. Sorry french fries. There may be a new summer side fave.

Dizzle is home from traveling, so we’ll have one of his faves…red curry.

Summer is upon us and bbq is necessary. Nothing can go wrong with bbq beans and potato salad. Mmmmmmmmm

Yes, I’m still loving the tomato vinaigrette, so we’ll have it again this week. This is what happens. I love a recipe. I make so many versions that I get so far away from the original I start to wonder what it is suppose to taste like. Fun.

I scored some locally grown tarragon. I absolutely adore tarragon, and I really need to find more ways to use it. I’m going back to the cauliflower/barley salad with giant lima beans. I’ve only done it with dried tarragon, so this should be a real treat.

Happy Cooking!


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