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Veg “fried” rice because I want something easy and veggie. What is traditional for fried rice? Not sure, but I plan to pack mine with carrots, onions, pea pods, and maybe even kale.

I’ve had my eye on this eggplant rollatini concept for a while. Time to try it. Eggplant, spinach stuffing, marinara…What can go wrong?

I didn’t make the butternut yellow curry last week because of travel. This will be my second attempt at the recipe, and I’m hoping to get it just right.

I feel a cauliflower phase coming. I love pureed cauliflower soup. Almost any flavor is fabulous, and this time I’m going with ginger curry.

Kale wild rice, probably with cauliflower. We just had it last night, but that’s how much I love this combo.

Bon Appetit had a recipe for the “perfect fried chicken thighs” last year or so. Those chicken thighs were used for a delectable salad that included a really diverse yet tasty group of ingredients like dill, cherries, and radishes. I wonder what will happen without the chicken? Hmmmm. Maybe walnuts will make up for some of the texture.

The 2yo sous chef helped me prepare a spinach/olive/sun dried tomato dough that we packed for traveling this past week. Our hotel kitchenette had no oven, so I formed little silver dollar sized dippers and cooked them in a skillet. Necessity is the mother of invention. (or at least that’s how we thought the saying goes) Perfect for dipping! Slightly more work but totally worth it. We’ll do it again this week with babaganoush, although I will use the pizza stone this time.

Laksa because it is totally tasty…..and a batch is already in the freezer. 🙂

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