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Red pepper curry in honor of Dizzle’s return since it is a new fave.

Salsa, guacamole, beans, burritos, pico de gallo… Cinco de Mayo!

California rolls. I don’t remember exactly what made me think to even try this. Maybe the presence of avocados? I’m hoping it is the beginning of a new tasty relationship. (First time buying nori, and I think I have some things to learn. Toasted? Untoasted? Organic?)

Bon Appetit usually offers at least one inspiration per month. This time it’s two salads with unique blends of ingredients. I don’t often use radishes, but each time has been delicious. The thought of mixing radishes with white beans in a salad makes me very skeptical, but I’m willing to try.

Mujadara, spiced lentils w/ caramelized onions and rice, is the new go-to meal.

We love potstickers! The package of wrappers in the freezer are calling. Time to try some new fillings and a new soup-side to make potstickers seem like a complete wholesome meal.


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