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Keeping it simple this week. Repeating some new faves and relying on old stand bys.

Creamy tasty Thai dish with mushrooms and pea pods, served with kale rice because it’s always good and I already have the ingredients.

Rice, beans, salsa, and guacamole because of visitors and it’s always a crowd pleaser, right?

Pizza. Same reason. 🙂

Mujadara, spiced lentils/onions/rice, is so simple and tasty it will be a nice break.

Red pepper curry is a new fave of Dizzle’s. Can’t go wrong with coconut milk, red curry, and tomatoes. YUM

Calzones in case we have another pizza urge. There is extra dough and sauce already in the freezer.

Khao Soi….ditto about the freezer. I made the spice paste a while back, so it’s ready for action.

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