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After last week’s disappointing menu I went back to basics and things that I know will be interesting to cook and tasty. The weekend will be mostly Thai, and then the rest of the week will be hearty Indian food.

Tom Ka Soup. Dizzle mentioned that this was a friend’s fave at Thai restaurants. Simple mushroom soup in a coconut broth. Count me in!

I’m pairing the puttanesca dough with babaganoush and toasted garbanzos. Can’t go wrong there.

Mushrooms and pea pods in a creamy thai coconut sauce with kale rice. Always good.

Laksa. I’ve only made this once before, but it was SO GOOD it’s going in the rotation officially.

Moving on to Indian….

Lentils and spinach with a side of coconut cream cauliflower.

I’ve made a Jamie Oliver dish several times that is always a crowd pleaser. It typically includes a whole roasted chicken with a side of roasted potatoes and tomatoes heavily spiced with all sorts of interesting things like black mustard seed and cilantro. I’m making the side the star and adding cauliflower. I stumbled upon the lentil pancake idea, and I’m obsessed. I really hope it’s good. It should be fun to make. It includes a 24 hr fermentation step. Interesting.

Tomato Spinach Pulao. Simple yet heavily spiced rice dish.

Mussaman Curry. I’ve made masaman curry a couple times, and we loved it. This is a different version from a different region. It looks similar yet amped up with even more flavors while still being super simple. Can’t wait!


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