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I’m being “lazy” this week. Dizzle is traveling. The little dude has decided naps are totally lame and useless. I checked out a new cookbook from the library, Martha Stewart’s Meatless. (an actual book! not kindle! It’s been a while. Weird.) So…. I’m making easy comfort food and sampling some of Martha’s creations. Nothing wrong with that except that now I want to buy the cookbook because it has so many good recipes!

Marrakesh stew just had too many yummy veggies to pass up. Things I love like butternut squash, eggplant, garbanzos, etc…. all in one tasty (hopefully!) stew.

The beet gallette looked gorgeous, and I don’t use beets that often (like ever). I hope the result is not only pretty but also delicious.

The white bean sage patties must be good. Super simple. I think a tomato salad would be a good fresh partner.

Quinoa stuffed acorn squash because I still have an acorn squash on top of the fridge that needs to be used. I liked the idea of quinoa mixed with pistachios. The original calls for parsley, but I’ll have extra sage so I’ll use that.

Happy Cooking!

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