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Veg burgers and fries because the burgers were already in the freezer. Fries are always good, right?? And…I’m on a mission for the perfect sauce for these veg burgers.

Bolognese lasagne. LOVE. Going for a lighter version made with a mushroom bolognese and a cauliflower creamy sauce. The original was inspired by Smitten Kitchen and included pork bolognese, creamy bechamel, and loads of parmesan. (Hmmm. Nothing wrong with that!!)

There is a ragout that I absolutely love. I usually make it with lamb, but I’m going for a bean sub to see how that works out. I think the red beans mixed with lentils should add a nice texture.

Asparagus seems to be somewhat in season, so I thought a really simple toss with pesto and maybe potatoes and white beans would be delish.

We love acorn squash, but for some reason I have a hard time incorporating it into menus. It seems boring to me. Sorry. I’ll mash it with red curry and coconut milk and serve with lentils prepared similar to the mujadara we liked so much (without the rice).

I haven’t had enough tomato in my life lately, so I’m craving a hearty tomato soup with white beans and maybe some crusty french bread.

Dizzle was down south this week, and somehow we got on the topic of bbq. (as in…. should I bring some home?) I think that technique used in mujadara would be great for creating a deep rich flavor for bbq beans. I’ll use either pintos or white beans. Fries. Enough said. I could eat them every day. I love sweet potatoes with spicy bbq.

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