Magic Sprinkles – Hot Pepper Blend

magic sprinkles

I’ve been doing this for years. I love heat on most anything. (I even sprinkle habanero Tabasco on my toast in the morning.) It started with really liking cayenne pepper on certain foods. Along the way I would encounter other dried hot peppers and somehow decided to make my own. I’ve done this with all different varieties. The one before this included ghost peppers and habaneros. That as probably my favorite, but it’s hard to find ghost peppers. The norm is habaneros with other varieties like jalapeno and serrano for a nice flavor mix.

The one I just finished happened because I had so many peppers from the garden. I didn’t want them to go to waste. Serrano, tabasco, cayenne. The tabascos are tiny, so I left those whole. The other I cut here and there so that everything was about the same size. I left the seeds in these because the peppers were so small. With larger ones like habanero I would have gone to the effort of deseeding. These were roasted in a low temp oven (200) for about 8-10 hours. I let them cool completely in the oven overnight. Then I use a coffee grinder to make it into yummy HOT sprinkles that are stored in a jar. I don’t remember exactly why we started calling these magic sprinkles, but it’s probably because you only need a fairy dusting to get great heat and flavor. 🙂

This pan of peppers resulted in right around 3 ounces of ground pepper. Looks to be a cup or more.


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