Kid Pizza Bar

The little chef has been on a roll with pizza. He’s eaten these creations for at least one meal a day this entire week. Nutritious and fun for him and easy for me. I’ll say we have a winner! He doesn’t even care that most of the toppings fall off. He just scoops them up with a spoon or fork. 🙂

It started with him using our veg container that was intended for summer rolls. Carrot ribbons, cucumbers, peppers, tofu, etc…along with leftover marinara. During the week we created a container for him and other ingredients were added like beans, tofu/walnut crumble, tomatoes, mushrooms, pesto.

I prepared a batch of dough and divided it into 3 “large” rounds equal to about 3 slices each and also several slice sized rounds. (pizza dough recipe… Any dough recipe can be used.) As these were rolled out they were added to a pan preheated to medium and cooked briefly for a couple minutes, just long enough to cook slightly and hold its shape for storage. These were all stored in a large freezer bag in the fridge. When I had the forethought to preheat the oven, we did the final cook after toppings in the oven on the pizza stone for a few minutes. All the other times I used a preheated pan on the stove, covered and cooked for a few minutes until heated and was solid enough on the bottom for slicing and being sturdy for eating.

I’m sure he’ll move on to something else soon, but for now he’s having a blast!

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