Kid Food – Vegetable Soup

veg soup

The 3 year old chef has been on a roll with soup lately. He likes to create his own recipes. This latest one was basically every veg he laid eyes on…plus an apple for good measure. Very tasty! He LOVES his soups and usually has it with a slice of grain bread or a piece of baguette.

Soup veg of the day:


sweet potato




tomatoes (large can diced)


Sometimes he chops, but we were in a hurry so I was the sous chef. Everything, along with the diced apple, was thrown in a pot with just enough veg stock to cover and then simmered just long enough for the veg to be tender, around 20 minutes. Done!

Some of the first soups that were a huge success with this dude: pomodoro/white bean and harvest stew.

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