Kale & Veg Wild Rice

kale rice

I like hot lunches. Especially if I’m a little bored with food, I want something hot rather than a cold salad or sandwich. The kale looks great lately, so let the kale meals begin!

This was nothing fancy and mostly inspired by leftover produce in the fridge. It started with diced onion and carrot cooked until almost caramelized. Meanwhile there was wild rice cooking. I dropped some cauliflower florets and sliced mushrooms in the oven to roast while the rice was cooking. I ripped up a bunch of kale into bite sized pieces, and then tossed that in the hot pan with onions and carrots. Once everything was finished I tossed it together, and added it to a baking pan with some veg stock. This baked for about 30 minutes. YUM. I made a big pan of it, so this was several meals.

The baking step was totally unnecessary. I think it would have been even better simply tossed together. Live and learn.

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