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How do you jump back into things after being gone so long? How about grab an old stale draft and let it fly!

Indian 5 Spice Veg

Indian 5 Spice Vegetables

I hadn’t been to Barnes and Noble in years. There happens to be one close to where my son takes gymnastics, and we needed to kill a few minutes. Scored a treasure from the bargain bin at the front door! There was a gorgeous cookbook titled Indian Vegetarian. If I can find a couple tasty new-to-me recipes with a quick flip preview, I’m hooked. This is a winner. I only realized later that night that it is the same author as one of my other fave cookbooks in the house, simply titled Curry. I do declare that this is definitely my favorite cookbook author. Absolutely everything I’ve tried from both books is DELICIOUS.

Tasty recipes soon! I went heavy on the Indian this particular week, trying 3 new meals and 6 recipes from the new fave cookbook. I’m now a regular at our Indian grocer. 🙂

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