Cinco de Mayo


Must admit this is one of my fave food holidays. I had so much fun with it last year that we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks in honor of Cinco de Mayo! This year we’re playing it a little more low key, but it will still be tasty. So many delicious options! salsa, guac, pico, quesadilla, burrito, and on and on and on. Call me lazy, but I finally decided to throw most of my favorite “Mexican” ingredients together in a bowl and call it a day.

Potatoes will be chunked, tossed with a pepper spice blend and roasted until crispy. Corn was roasted at 425 for 30 minutes and will be scraped as kernels. Peppers and onion will be diced and roasted at high heat for only a couple minutes. Avocado and tomato will be diced. Cilantro will be chopped. Beans are cooked and drained. Lastly everything will be squeezed with lime and tossed together for serving. Yes!

cinco de mayo

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