Chili Evolution


The short story is that I still don’t like my chili.

This bowl was tasty, but it was an accident. First I intended to make 13 bean chili from a Bob’s bean mix. By the time the beans cooked a short time I could tell it was going to be a mushy mess. (Now I remember why I don’t like those bean mixes. Tiny lentils mixed with giant lima beans? Huge cooking time difference!) Scrapped that. Started with a new mix of beans, all the same general size: black, great northern, adzuki, red, pinto. I liked the way the beans cooked. My goal was to avoid a sweet result, which is what I got last time by adding red peppers. Well, I did avoid that. I added black pepper, cayenne pepper, chipotle, ancho, and habanero powder. I also added seeded fresh pablano, serrano, and anaheim peppers. I thought the amount of powders was low enough not to make it molten, but it wasn’t far off from volcanic. I didn’t want it. I’m stubborn like that. Dizzle suggested we use the beans to make “refried” for nachos. That turned out great! I used some of the “juice” from the chili to also make a spanish rice of sorts. That was also tasty. All was not lost. Finally, the next day I threw all those leftovers together in a pot….the leftover chili, the mashed beans, and the rice. It was actually delicious. I guess the rice helped mellow the heat? Or maybe just resting let it calm down a little. I am generally opposed to rice in chili, but I have to admit this was good. The mashed beans gave it that “goo” that I like in chili, so the texture was spot-on and not like a thin soup. Success???

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