Indian Vegetarian Recipes

It’s almost guaranteed that each week’s menu will include an Indian dish these days. It’s such a no-brainer because it’s always delicious and reasonably easy. Dali Ambat is another one of the Indian vegetarian recipes adapted from one of my all time favorite cookbooks, Vegetarian Indian Food. I like tinkering with recipes, but honestly if […]

Stuffing Waffle Recipe and Meal

This was our Thanksgiving! (Well, this was our Thanksgiving before it was drowned in delicious but tragically brown and unattractive mushroom gravy.) Definitely a success. This meal was soooo good and bonus…pretty too! It was actually fairly easy, and that might have been because I’d made most of the components at least once before. I […]

Dressing Waffle Recipe

Oh goodness. Did I mention I’m in a waffle phase? I have never used our waffle maker, but it is now making regular appearances on the counter. It’s just too easy and way too delicious. This all started when Dizzle was traveling and doing the hotel tv thing when he encountered a stuffing waffle featured […]

Sweet Potato Tikki

Sweet potatoes are abundant at the garden these days. Sweet potato fries and African stew are a couple go-to vegan recipes, but I was looking around for something different. These are really easy and so tasty! When I need inspiration I often click over to Spice Up the Curry. This sweet potato dish was part […]

Menu Board

Nothing really new this week. More tomatoes from the garden made it really easy to default to okra/tomatoes and pizza. We also had nice eggplant from the garden, so babaganoush came to mind. We’ve had lots of hummus lately, so toasted garbanzos was a nice departure. We had that with spinach bread sticks. Scored a […]