Pad Thai Sauce Discovery

Good Day – Pad Thai So… been a while, but I’m trying to wrangle up the different iterations of Pad Thai and Pad Thai Sauce that everyone has been asking about. So first time Dizzle had Pad Thai as in the Lou, U-City specifically with some friends planning a music festival. First time he ever […]

Menu Board

Laksa was comfort food for Dizzle returning from travels. Chili and cornbread is today’s project, so I’m hoping to post both those recipes. I’ll probably do a couple cornbread waffles and do muffins with the remainder. We’ll also have a salad with greens from the garden including some spicy purple mustard greens. Rajma is new […]

Five Spice Veg

This was one of the first things I tried from my coveted Indian Vegetarian cookbook. I absolutely adore it, but I don’t make it very often. It takes a little more prep time than I’m accustom to lately. Lots of ingredients and spices that have to be prepped and ready to go before starting. That […]

Menu Board – International

This menu board is all over the place, and that’s just how we like it. Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, homestyle goodness. Loving having falafel on a regular basis around here. So easy and so much less of a gut bomb than the deep fried restaurant option.  Bonus…the little guy loves this too! Drunken noodles is one […]

New Year – Indian Recipes

We did the traditional New Years Day meal with the inlaws, southern style black eyed peas, sauteed greens (kale), and cornbread. I had plans to do a similar meal with cornbread waffle, but since we had almost the same thing with them I decided to go a different direction using vegetarian Indian recipes. I really […]