Menu Board

Keeping it simple this week. Repeating some new faves and relying on old stand bys. Creamy tasty Thai dish with mushrooms and pea pods, served with kale rice because it’s always good and I already have the ingredients. Rice, beans, salsa, and guacamole because of visitors and it’s always a crowd pleaser, right? Pizza. Same […]

Menu Board

After last week’s disappointing menu I went back to basics and things that I know will be interesting to cook and tasty. The weekend will be mostly Thai, and then the rest of the week will be hearty Indian food. Tom Ka Soup. Dizzle mentioned that this was a friend’s fave at Thai restaurants. Simple […]

Prep Work

Thai is on the agenda for several meals this weekend, so mushrooms are in demand. I decided to go ahead and roast 4 lbs. I dumped them all in the pan at the same time, so the roasting time was longer. 425 for 1 1/2 hours. Peeled then chopped several heads of garlic in the […]

Prep Work

I had several things on the list today to prepare for the rest of the week. I’m trying to get better at do-aheads. I had the time today, so I took total advantage. I already knew I needed mushrooms, butternut, garbanzos, and tofu for a lunch tomorrow. I decided to make a bigger batch of […]

Personal Pizzas

Somehow I hid dough from myself this week. I thought we were out, then I find 2 bags of partial doughs in the fridge after I made an entire new batch. So… today we are using it all to make lots of these little personal pizzas for the freezer. Most will be the equivalent of […]

Menu Board

I’m being “lazy” this week. Dizzle is traveling. The little dude has decided naps are totally lame and useless. I checked out a new cookbook from the library, Martha Stewart’s Meatless. (an actual book! not kindle! It’s been a while. Weird.) So…. I’m making easy comfort food and sampling some of Martha’s creations. Nothing wrong […]

Another Marinara

The little guy is big into pizza this week, so we made another sauce. Nice excuse to use some of that big batch of pesto. Print Marinara Author: Next Good Meal   Ingredients 1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes 1 can diced tomatoes 1 small can tomato paste ¼ cup pesto Instructions Whiz all ingredients in […]

Marinating Tofu

First I pressed a package of tofu to remove the excess water. Then I cubed it and marinated it for a couple hours in 1 TB rice wine vinegar and 2 TB low sodium soy sauce. Absorbed it like a sponge! Quick saute to add some color and texture. Ready for pad thai, the little […]

Veg Stock

We made two batches of stock this week. We seem to always run just a little short, so it will be nice to have extra in the freezer. I threw together a simple basic stock without herbs or coriander. I did add a few chili peppers. Those didn’t add any heat to speak of, just […]