Quick Lunch Stir Fry

This was thrown together using the last of the veggies from the spring roll container…squash, peppers, carrots…along with tofu, some leftover asparagus, and peanuts. Sauce was a mix of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. Threw some black sesame seeds on at the end and served with whole grain rice. Yum

Kid Food Curry

This was a complete and total last minute throw together. I was ready to serve tofu and veg when the little guy chimed in that he wanted curry. (He saw the pot of spicy red curry intended for Daddy.) I was in luck. I grabbed a handful of veg from the summer roll box, added […]

Quick Lunch

I went through a phase when my favorite lunch was savory oatmeal with kale. I couldn’t resist using some of the kid’s butternut squash and kale for a quick creamy dreamy oatmeal lunch. So tasty! Print Quick Lunch Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 1   Ingredients ½ cup quick oats 1 cup vegetable stock salt & pepper […]

Summer Squash Yellow Curry

Another delicious curry. I’m feeling like you really can’t go wrong with curry. Different spice pastes, different veg, different heat levels, herbs, etc. It’s all so tasty. I decided to go with a yellow curry this time. Sticking with the “yellow” theme I used some gorgeous squash we picked up at the market. I’m really […]

Basic Curries

Curry is still comfort food in our book. I fell back on some new faves during our first week in the new place. I keep simplifying the recipes, so it almost feelsĀ  like cheating at this point. So yummy! Print Simple Masman Curry Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 4   Ingredients 1 red onion diced 2-3 medium […]

Peanut Sauce

I’m happy with this batch. The taste is yummy. I was able to transfer some of it back into the empty honey squeeze container. It filled that, a peanut butter jar, and still had 3 single serves left in the bowl. One of those servings was claimed immediately by the 2yo for use with tofu […]