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Laksa was comfort food for Dizzle returning from travels. Chili and cornbread is today’s project, so I’m hoping to post both those recipes. I’ll probably do a couple cornbread waffles and do muffins with the remainder. We’ll also have a salad with greens from the garden including some spicy purple mustard greens. Rajma is new […]

Kid Food – Falafel

The first time we made the falafel waffle the little dude turned up his nose. I think the whole waffle concept threw him off his game. Now he’s accustomed to seeing the strange squares, and he jumped right in to make his own falafel plate. He buried his falafel under lettuce, naan, peppers, and cucumbers. […]

Menu Board

Nothing really new this week. More tomatoes from the garden made it really easy to default to okra/tomatoes and pizza. We also had nice eggplant from the garden, so babaganoush came to mind. We’ve had lots of hummus lately, so toasted garbanzos was a nice departure. We had that with spinach bread sticks. Scored a […]

Thai Chili Basil Eggplant

Is there a book of menus? That would be awesome. I love reading menus because they can provide fast inspiration. I always tinker with recipes anyway, so menus with ingredient lists are perfect! This menu came from one of Dizzle’s recent trips, maybe to New York? I forget. I had just seen some delicious looking […]

Hummus Nirvana

Finally. Never could quite achieve a velvety smooth hummus, and I was at peace with that. Then a random collection of events led me to the dreamiest creamiest hummus ever. The 3 yr old was debating his grandmother about the correct pronunciation of the word hummus. I finally decided to wiki it and show the […]

Cabbage Salad

Simple salads like this are too tasty to be forgotten! The little dude spotted the shredded cabbage slaw in the produce section and asked for it randomly. “Asian” cabbage salad….yes please. It’s just shredded cabbage and carrots, colored peppers, and really whatever add-ins sound great. Top with a super simple dressing and a tasty lunch […]

Kid Food – Hummus Plate

Various versions of this kind of plate have been the absolute fave for the kiddo the past week or so. The special thing about this one was the carrot ribbons. Couldn’t be easier (Simply use a peeler), but he thinks it’s a total treat. Hummus, grain bread, grapes, pickles, carrots Other fave components have been […]