Cinco de Mayo

Must admit this is one of my fave food holidays. I had so much fun with it last year that we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks in honor of Cinco de Mayo! This year we’re playing it a little more low key, but it will still be tasty. So many delicious options! salsa, guac, […]

Hummus Nirvana

Finally. Never could quite achieve a velvety smooth hummus, and I was at peace with that. Then a random collection of events led me to the dreamiest creamiest hummus ever. The 3 yr old was debating his grandmother about the correct pronunciation of the word hummus. I finally decided to wiki it and show the […]

Kid Food – Hummus Plate

Various versions of this kind of plate have been the absolute fave for the kiddo the past week or so. The special thing about this one was the carrot ribbons. Couldn’t be easier (Simply use a peeler), but he thinks it’s a total treat. Hummus, grain bread, grapes, pickles, carrots Other fave components have been […]

Menu Board

I can’t express my excitement over finding an awesome falafel recipe at The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I’ve done “falafel” before, but it’s really just a veg burger with Indian spices. I love falafel, and now I really know how to make it!! Garbanzos, onion, spices….that’s basically it! Who knew? My only complaint is that […]


Something hit me and I just had to make this today. Super simple but oh-so-flavorful. We ate it with a dollop of chutney on top. Oh yes. I think this originated as a Lebanese street food? Wouldn’t it be nice if our “fast food” was so tasty and good for you?? Cover lentils with water […]

Whole Grain & Veg Salad

This was supposed to by tabbouleh, but it’s not at all. Sorry. Dizzle is off for another trip, and he likes to thwart airport and road restaurants by having food from home. This time the choice was tabbouleh. Hopefully this colorful hearty salad will suffice. * The 3 yr old LOVES this. 🙂 This was […]

Kid Food

I started something when I did the snack plate for US Open viewing. The little guy took one look and said, “Look at that fancy pants plate!”. Love those moments of appreciation! So….I’ve happily done snack style plates for most of his dinners this week. Fun little portions of several healthy items all on one […]