Tomato Bread Sticks Recipe

I love adding savory flavors to the standard dough recipe. This tomato dough was so tasty.  (I’ve done other versions using tomato juice, salsa, or even bloody mary mix.) The recipe makes the equivalent of 2 baguettes or 2 pizzas. I used one portion to make bread sticks. We devoured these with hummus, and the […]

Breakfast Cookies

We’re new to this school thing. We are also new to being somewhere on time before about 9 am. Luckily the little one has always been early to bed and early to rise. The arrival of school brought no angst about waking early. It did mean a set amount of time to get everything done […]


I’ve been playing around with my bread recipe lately. This one is my favorite so far. Finally a soft, just dense enough bread that rose beautifully and is great for sandwiches or toast. Yes! Here you go…. Print Whole Grain Loaf Bread Author: Next Good Meal   Ingredients 1¼ cups warm water 3 tsp yeast 2-3 […]


Dizzle was quite the chef this weekend. One of his projects was baguettes, and he used the honey spelt recipe. Success! He also threw in a pinch of ajwain for a slightly Indian flair. I am in love with this new-to-me herb. It’s been in the cabinet for a while, and we finally used it. […]

Granola Baguette

I picked up some granola for a road trip, and it’s still in the pantry. You know how something is an absolute fave and then becomes yucky in the blink of a pre-schooler’s eyes? Yep. I’m not exactly a granola fan, but this particular brand is absolutely delicious, Purely Elizabeth. I finally thought to use […]

Fo Kah Chay

This is focaccia to the rest of us, but my 3 yr old assistant sometimes has his own language. Actually he sometimes INSISTS on his own language. Anyway…something inspired him yesterday, and he decided he must have some of this tasty stuff. Your wish is my command, especially when it’s easy and he helps. I’ll […]

Cornbread Muffins

Cornbread has been popular around here for a while. It all started when I was determined to create a pumpkin cornbread muffin for a pumpkin chili way back in the fall. Since then we’ve devoured our fair share of several flavors and varieties. I’m finally satisfied with the base recipe. That means I finally paid […]

Grain Bread

Please see an updated post with the latest new and improved recipe shown in the photo below. Cost: The first time we actually put thought into this (thanks MIL) “we” came up with $.60 a loaf. Yes….seriously. I’ve added ingredients here and there, so I’ll go WAY high and estimate $1 per loaf. Compare this […]