Calzones – Eggplant/Spinach/Mushroom

I’m so excited to discover I can finally do this right. I usually end up with a gloppy mess. This time it came together oh-so-nicely. Served it with the basic tomato sauce.

I will definitely be experimenting with this to discover all sorts of flavor combos in the near future.

The dough and tofu puree are from previous posts.  (French bread dough is interchangeable with pizza dough in my world.)

Bonus points that the toddler loved it and devoured almost an entire calzone for lunch the next day!

I did make the mistake of under-seasoning the eggplant and mushroom/spinach layers, so the end result was slightly bland, but still delicious. Next time I’ll pay more attention to adding enough salt/seasoning while preparing each ingredient.


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