California Rolls

california rolls

I didn’t take photos of the process because I expected it to be an experimental failure. Au contraire! I was really surprised at how easy it was to assemble and roll these. (Thanks to a little research on YouTube. :)) I wasn’t sure what to expect from the nori wrappers, but those were a pleasant surprise too. The rice stuck to the paper even though I used a whole grain brown sushi style rice. The rolls actually stayed together. I was able to cut the rolls without mashing out the filling. I consider it a success! I still have some practice to do, but at least the first try was successful enough to keep me motivated. 🙂

These were California rolls with avocado and cucumber. I didn’t attempt the inside out style that is typically used for those. I thought that would be overly ambitious to say the least, but maybe I’ll try it when I get better at rolling. Basically these simply involved laying out the nori, pressing rice to cover most of the nori, placing the filling, rolling, and slicing. By the way… I happen to LOVE wasabi, so this is a very welcome delivery device that will surely become a regular around here.

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