Cabbage Salad

cabbage salad

Simple salads like this are too tasty to be forgotten! The little dude spotted the shredded cabbage slaw in the produce section and asked for it randomly. “Asian” cabbage salad….yes please. It’s just shredded cabbage and carrots, colored peppers, and really whatever add-ins sound great. Top with a super simple dressing and a tasty lunch has been magically created.

I like it with the shredded slaw, peppers, walnuts, and sesame seeds. The 3 year old isn’t a fan of nuts in food at the moment, so he opted for some crumbled tofu. Really good!

I’ve measured in the past because I would make a whole bottle, but really the dressing is best by simply drizzling a little sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar. Toss and you’re ready to chow down. If I had to guess for a bowl of about two servings there was approximately 1/2 tsp oil and maybe 1 tsp each of the soy sauce and vinegar. Can’t really go wrong.

I’m taking it easy because I’ve totally burned out on this in the past when I ate it like every day for who know how long. 🙂

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