Butternut Red Curry

This was inspired by a dish Dizzle had while traveling. He raved about it and described it as a red curry that had butternut squash and basil. It sounded absolutely delicious, so I had to try and create something similar.

It wouldn’t really be fair to post a recipe. I tinkered with it so much along the way it kinda got out of control. We had it for lunch, and then I went back to the drawing board with the leftovers. We had the revised version for dinner, and it was finally delicious.  In the beginning I was way too overzealous with the amount of butternut (4 cups) with only the regular amount of sauce that would go in something like red pepper curry. Wrongola. The volume of it overpowered the dish, and it soaked up sauce while simmering.  During round two I doubled the sauce and added lime juice and ginger along with more red curry paste. Live and learn. I’ll be prepared for the next time we have a craving for butternut red curry!

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