Cinco de Mayo

Must admit this is one of my fave food holidays. I had so much fun with it last year that we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks in honor of Cinco de Mayo! This year we’re playing it a little more low key, but it will still be tasty. So many delicious options! salsa, guac, […]

Menu Board

Some of these recipe ideas came from a Thai menu that Dizzle brought home from a recent trip. Khao Soi is another coconut based Thai noodle soup, cousin to the popular-around-here laksa and Tom Kha. I honestly didn’t like it nearly as well, and I’m not sure it will make the rotation around here. Thai […]

Thai Chili Basil Eggplant

Is there a book of menus? That would be awesome. I love reading menus because they can provide fast inspiration. I always tinker with recipes anyway, so menus with ingredient lists are perfect! This menu came from one of Dizzle’s recent trips, maybe to New York? I forget. I had just seen some delicious looking […]