Hummus Nirvana

Finally. Never could quite achieve a velvety smooth hummus, and I was at peace with that. Then a random collection of events led me to the dreamiest creamiest hummus ever. The 3 yr old was debating his grandmother about the correct pronunciation of the word hummus. I finally decided to wiki it and show the […]

Cabbage Salad

Simple salads like this are too tasty to be forgotten! The little dude spotted the shredded cabbage slaw in the produce section and asked for it randomly. “Asian” cabbage salad….yes please. It’s just shredded cabbage and carrots, colored peppers, and really whatever add-ins sound great. Top with a super simple dressing and a tasty lunch […]

Quick Lunch Stir Fry

This was thrown together using the last of the veggies from the spring roll container…squash, peppers, carrots…along with tofu, some leftover asparagus, and peanuts. Sauce was a mix of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. Threw some black sesame seeds on at the end and served with whole grain rice. Yum

Mango Curry

We attend a children’s group at our local Discovery Museum. Each week has a different theme, and once a month the theme is food. Last week it was all about mangoes. Winner for this little dude who sometimes eats mangoes on a daily basis for breakfast. There was a new-to-us variety, ataulfo mango….which was of […]

Kid Pizza Bar

The little chef has been on a roll with pizza. He’s eaten these creations for at least one meal a day this entire week. Nutritious and fun for him and easy for me. I’ll say we have a winner! He doesn’t even care that most of the toppings fall off. He just scoops them up […]