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This past weekend I was at the in-laws, and I love looking at a particularly beautiful Tuscan cookbook there. I always see great ideas. Usually I forget about it by the time I’m home, probably because these are mostly super simple recipes. This time I took note! The first from the book is Baker’s Spaghetti. […]

Veg Pizza Again

We’ve been apart for a while, but I’m totally back in love with pizza. Sure, I’ve done the occasional breakfast tofu pizza with the Little Bear. Yes, I’ve done margherita style a couple times. Somehow things just came together, and I’ve got my tasty pizza groove back. It’s all about the tofu/walnut crumble and roasted […]

Drunken Noodles Recipe

I’ve made this three times now, and I finally have the recipe I like. This is a pungent sauce, not entirely unlike pad thai but deeper and with more heat. This can be as simple as tofu noodles and chilis or include most any veg. Our fave has color peppers, scallions, and some thinly sliced […]

Veg Pizza

This isn’t the prettiest picture in the world…at all…but it was so tasty I couldn’t even believe it. I was inspired by a recent veg pizza lunch with a friend and also by Dizzle’s purchase of a yummy red wine that was screaming for pizza. The veg, all but the potato, could be thrown on […]

Masman Curry

Masman is one of the go-to meals in this house, especially when warm cozy comfort food sounds good. If we have potatoes, carrots, and onion we’re good to go. Easy. There’s also the curry paste, coconut milk, and all that jazz, but we stay pretty well stocked with those pantry items. This is close to […]

Menu Board

After a week of traveling and eating mostly veg wraps Dizzle was feeling Thai, so we’ve been leaning that way the last few days. African Stew is a slightly spicy tomato based stew with edamame, sweet potato, carrots, and spinach served over couscous. SO GOOD. I don’t think I’ve posted that recipe, so I’ll have […]