Kid Food Curry

This was a complete and total last minute throw together. I was ready to serve tofu and veg when the little guy chimed in that he wanted curry. (He saw the pot of spicy red curry intended for Daddy.) I was in luck. I grabbed a handful of veg from the summer roll box, added […]

Menu Board

Red curry with fresh tomatoes and lots of onion. I finally scored more bean thread noodles, so I’m back on a mission to perfect pad woon sen. Dizzle requested a pasta salad with more fresh tomatoes and summer squashes. I’m in love with the olive focaccia and bean spread. I’ve run out of oregano, so […]

Kid Food

I started something when I did the snack plate for US Open viewing. The little guy took one look and said, “Look at that fancy pants plate!”. Love those moments of appreciation! So….I’ve happily done snack style plates for most of his dinners this week. Fun little portions of several healthy items all on one […]

Summer Rolls

My absolute favorite lunch lately is still summer rolls. (I was calling them spring rolls, but I noticed sometimes these are called summer rolls when not cooked. Whatever.) Dizzle turned me on to these, and I can’t get enough! There is a decent amount of prep work, but I’ve gotten in the habit of doing […]

Menu Board

Back to business as usual. I’m in a serious rut with menus. I actually don’t mind that much because we love the meals, but I think next week will be time to roll out some new experiments. In the meantime… Oh how we love curry. We started with yellow last night. I’ll follow up tomorrow […]