Menu Board

Finally a menu came together for the next few days. Asparagus potato pesto was a special request from Dizzle once he returns home. I’m thinking of an even lighter version this time with basil, mint, and a small portion of nuts without the oil. It’s been a week or so since a curry, and that’s […]

5 Spice Granola

Where do I start? It’s a long story why I would even try to make granola. I’m not a granola person. I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to taste like. I have this vision that it’s suppose to be chunky or globby (maybe distant Nutri Grain bar memories? or the “cluster” cereals I use […]


It was a rainy day yesterday, so I had a bread making party with my little sous chef. Choices were spinach and tomato. Print Marinara Bread Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 8   Ingredients ½ cup marinara ½ cup tomato juice (or bloody mary mix) 2 tsp yeast 1 TB honey ½ cup quick oats 1¼ cup […]

Black Bean Hummus

I’ve been doing lots of wraps lately. I decided to do a different version of hummus so I didn’t get burned out on the traditional stuff. Yum. Great smeared in a wrap or simply served as a dip with bread or chips. Print Black Bean Hummus Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 8   Ingredients 3 cups black […]

Tomato Peach Soup

Argh… It just occurred to me that this photo looks like rotel dip. Photo fail, but flavor success. 🙂 I’m hoping for a better illustration when it’s actually served! The little one is in love with peaches at the moment. I couldn’t resist a recipe for chilled tomato soup from this month’s Bon Appetit as […]

Bloody Mary Bread

Did I just really say “bloody mary bread”?! Weird things happen when Dizzle is out of town. 🙂 I personally do not like bloody marys. At all. Can’t stand them. I do appreciate the contents of a good mix, so I decided to confiscate some for a bread creation. I love adding all sorts of […]

Kid Food

The little one loves black rice because it turns kinda purple after cooking. Winner! This is a mix of black rice and some leftover short grain rice with kale thrown in for the last few minutes of cooking. The giant lima beans were simply soaked overnight and simmered for a couple hours in vegetable stock. […]