Panang Curry

This version brought the heat and was super tasty. We’ve been using a Korean hot pepper paste to heat up the curries lately, and I recently switched from a level 3 to a level 4 “very hot”. Yes! Print Panang Curry Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 4   Ingredients 8 oz mushrooms sliced 1 red onion 3 […]

Menu Board

Curry is always on my stand-by list when Dizzle returns from a trip, and red is usually the #1 choice. I’ve also got panang on the brain. It was SO good last time. This time I’ll try a mushroom/potato/carrot combo. While eating solo I somehow managed to create my worst pad thai ever. All I […]

“Refried” Beans

This is a totally BORING post, but I’ve wanted to pay attention to the timing and jot it down in case I ever need it. It’s not precise. It’s not delicate. It’s usually just one of those all day things. This is how it went down this particular day. I started with 1 cup dried […]

Kid Choice

Sometimes the dude wants some crazy combos. It started with him wanting ketchup for lunch. When we established that ketchup is more of a sauce than a food…. he wanted garbanzos w/ ketchup. I was having guac, so he wanted some of that also. Dizzle was having spring rolls, so he also shared. By the […]

Pad Woon Sen – Take 3

Let me just start by saying that I am at the end of my noodle supply, and these are no longer available on Amazon. What?! This experiment might require an indefinite hiatus after this attempt. Sigh. Also, the tomato intended for this dish did a bad thing and went rotten overnight. That meant I had […]

Panang Curry

Love this curry. The panang is so different from others. It has the spice of masman with a heat like red curry but more subtle somehow. I’ve only done this once before with red pepper and tofu. I wanted to try different veg and decided on carrot and pea pods. As usual this wasn’t totally […]

Quick Lunch

I went through a phase when my favorite lunch was savory oatmeal with kale. I couldn’t resist using some of the kid’s butternut squash and kale for a quick creamy dreamy oatmeal lunch. So tasty! Print Quick Lunch Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 1   Ingredients ½ cup quick oats 1 cup vegetable stock salt & pepper […]