Kid Food – Falafel

Lentil falafel, hummus, peach chunks The falafel was really “veg burger” that I adapted to use with lentils because I had extra that I had overcooked a little. I omitted the bread crumbs for a looser consistency since I knew I was going to use it as more of a “falafel” for wraps and such. […]

Corn Pico de Gallo

I’m not exactly sure what to call this. Salad? Salsa? Pico? Whatever. Regardless, it was tasty. I’m honestly not a huge corn fan, but I love it roasted and thrown with other things like this. Print Corn Pico de Gallo Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 2   Ingredients 1 ear of corn 1 handful cherry tomatoes 1 […]

Red Curry for Kids

We love some curry around here, so of course the little one wants some too. Red curry is pretty high on the heat scale, so I decided to make a tame version for the kiddo. He loved it, and he insisted on having it for breakfast the next day… and every meal until it was […]

Menu Board

I am soooooooooo behind. That being said….. Roasted potatoes and asparagus are delicious! Cherries are yummy right now, so I know a salad that is perfect for them. We love pizza. Basil is delicious. Margarita pizza please. I adore the spiced garbanzo recipe, so I’m trying it with lentils this time. It will be paired […]

Pad Thai

I have a serious love for pad thai. Now that I’m in world with Whole Foods, I can get bean sprouts on the regular whenever there is a pad thai craving. Score! I read somewhere that prune baby food plus lime juice is a decent sub for tamarind paste. I was intrigued and had to […]

Panang Curry

Another curry! Interesting and tasty. Panang is somewhere between masman and red curry on the flavor scale in my opinion. Peppery goodness. I kept this really simple so that I could get a baseline for the flavor of the spice paste. Even though this was super tasty…I think next time I’ll use less liquid, and […]