Pad Thai Project

** Please now go to the “personal discovery of Pad Thai & Pad Thai Sauce” **Please check out the even more updated and simplified recipe. I did three versions of pad thai this past weekend. The first version is the definite winner. Again, I started getting too far away from original ratios and it lost […]

Menu Board

Fries because I needed comfort food, and I’m loving the cute purple potatoes from the market. Pad thai because I was on a mission to create a stand-by no-fail sauce recipe, and I absolutely adore pad thai. BONUS…I noticed fresh bean sprouts at the market this past Saturday. Hummus wraps were a lunch thing, my […]

Pad Thai v.2

Day #2 of the pad thai project was totally tasty. It didn’t have the WOW factor of the first day, but maybe once it’s good….it’s just good? This time I wanted to decrease the honey, especially because I ate the whole portion of sauce in one meal. Two tablespoons of honey just seems over the […]

Sweet Potato Bites

Scored these lovely purple sweet potatoes, along with “regular” ones, for the little dude. They are a little more starchy than the orange ones, but just as sweet and tasty in his opinion. Print Sweet Potato Bites Author: Next Good Meal   Ingredients Sweet potato salt to taste Instructions Heat oven to 425. Cut sweet potatoes […]

Pad Thai v.1

When Dizzle is out of town I resort to comfort food. The recent choice is pad thai. I love the stuff. The last couple times I’ve made it, something just wasn’t right. The most recent included prune baby food, and that definitely doesn’t seem quite right. (although it was super tasty in its own right) […]

Roasted Nuts

We love nuts. It’s really the only snack food we keep around besides maybe popcorn. I also use them in pad thai and some other main dishes. My fave is pistachios (shelled, because I have no desire to crack each nut!), but close runner ups are cashews and almonds. I started roasting because of a […]

Whole Grain Bread

It’s been a while since I’ve made loaf bread. I’ve been focusing on baguettes because somehow it seems easier. This was a successful attempt. Nice rise. Tasty. I think with this oven I’ll cook it probably 5-10 minutes longer next time, but it was still a great loaf. The little dude was obsessed. He would […]