Menu Board

I’m trying my best to keep it simple because we are preparing to move in 2 WEEKS. (!!) Black bean burritos. I made a big batch of black beans along with salsa. Mixed the two together, rolled into burritos, and put most of them in the freezer. I held out a few for the fridge […]

Veg Burger and Kale Chips

Nothing new about this one. We really liked the last version of the veg burger, so I recreated it. (although I couldn’t resist throwing in some leftover wild rice. success!) I still had kale from my impulse buy a few days ago. Kale chips! Diced and roasted a couple new potatoes from the market, and […]

Squash Pasta

Dizzle was going for husband of the year, and he brought home fresh pasta from his recent trip to Seattle. (Pike Place Market…swoon) So good it doesn’t require anything too fancy as a partner. I picked up yellow and zucchini squash along with a gorgeous yellow tomato from our own local market, threw in a […]

Kid Food – Lemon Lentil Soup

I tried. We were right around the corner from Sticky Fingerz Rock ‘n Roll Chicken Shack. I was starving. Chicken fingers sounded like an easy option. I gave the little dude options: 1)chicken at the shack 2)tortillas and beans at a Mexican restaurant 3)bread and soup at a bakery. Once he heard “bread and soup” […]

Kid Food

Green peas, bbq beans (great northern beans simmered in bbq sauce), whole grain rice The kid is loving him some soy sauce. It was once marinara, but now it’s soy sauce. Anything it touches will be devoured. This time it was rice. He also has a thing for chives as a garnish. I can appreciate […]

Hummus Pita “Sandwich”

I had an amazing hummus sandwich at a bakery this week. The only problem was the bread quickly got really soggy. Other than that the mix of flavors was amazing. This is my exact replica with one exception. We made a dense whole grain dough and made that into little naan/pita sized individual servings. Instead […]