Mango Yellow Curry

This is the second day at our new digs in a new city. First dinner was a pasta toss with tomatoes and tons of basil I clipped from plants before we moved. Moving day was chaotic as usual, so we had Thai take-out before leaving town. I noticed a dish on their board…”mango yellow curry […]

Peanut Sauce

I’m happy with this batch. The taste is yummy. I was able to transfer some of it back into the empty honey squeeze container. It filled that, a peanut butter jar, and still had 3 single serves left in the bowl. One of those servings was claimed immediately by the 2yo for use with tofu […]

Kid Food – Purple

The kid likes purple. I always ask what looks interesting to him when we are in the produce section. I’m game for him to try anything and everything, and so far he is great at trying new things. It’s not always successful, and that’s ok. One recent failure was radishes. I don’t force the issue, […]

Black Bean Burrito

Super simple. Soaked black beans, and then simmered for a couple hours the next day. Prepared a salsa. Rolled a burrito. Heated in a pan for a couple minutes just for a little crisp on the outside. Diced an avocado and a tomato. (with a little spinach on the side because it was in the […]