Potato Burrito

Yes, I said it. Potato….burrito. Oh yum. Why have I never had this before?? I am so excited when something like this is so delicious on the first try. I get the most inspiration from menus and titles of recipes. I was doing some quick searching for new Cinco de Mayo ideas, and I spotted […]

Banana Bread

Dizzle and the little dude like banana bread, so I gave it another go. There were a few apples in the fruit bowl and bananas in the freezer, so I was prepared. I didn’t freeze the bananas with bread in mind, but I”ll definitely do it again for this purpose. It made it really easy […]

More Mussaman

I’m trying to spoil Dizzle with lots of Thai and comfort food before his next biz trip. 🙂 This week has been full of new tasty favorites. This is a duplicate of the most recent version of mussaman curry, complete with a repeat of the cute multi-colored fingerlings. Print Mussaman Curry Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 4 […]

Mini Calzones

I’ve made tofu cream in the recent past. I didn’t need as much this time, so I basically just halved the recipe. This is great as a nutritious substitute for things like sour cream, but my fave is using it instead of ricotta in calzones. (I had a dollop on top of a white bean […]

Tofu Prep for Thai

  Print Tofu Prep for Thai Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 4   Ingredients 14 oz pkg extra firm tofu 2 TB rice wine vinegar 2 TB low sodium soy sauce Instructions Divide tofu into slices or cubes. Lay pieces onto a clean towel. Cover with another clean towel. (or paper towels) Add weight to the top. […]

Tomato Dough

Print Tomato Dough (pizza, bread sticks, or french bread) Author: Next Good Meal Serves: 8   Ingredients 1 cup Very Veggie juice (or tomato juice) warmed 2 tsp yeast 2 TB honey 1½ cups white unbleached flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 3 TB sun dried tomato pesto or chopped sun dried tomatoes (packed in olive oil) […]