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13 bean chili because I’m still on a mission to make bean chili that is actually good. I thought potato cakes with corn mixed in would be a nice experiment. We would normally have cornbread or maybe chips. Dizzle requested nachos. I started craving a grapes & mustard sauce dish when the little one had […]

Monkey Sauce

We are hot sauce fans. Dizzle prefers Louisiana Hot, and I am team Tabasco. Our little 2 yo mascot wanted to be in on the fun too, so I created this monkey (not-hot) sauce for him. 🙂 Print Monkey Sauce Author: Next Good Meal   Ingredients 4 oz Very Veggie juice (or V8) 1 oz white […]

Apple Veg Soup

Ever since we made the Harvest Soup, the 2yo has loved the whole idea of apples in soup. Yesterday was no exception. This was a super quick and easy version. He calls veg stock “goodness” and again wanted bread chunks thrown in his bowl to soak it all up. Yum. Print Apple Veg Soup Author: Next […]

How to Roast Mushrooms

We like our mushrooms roasted and toasty. I’ve gotten in the habit of almost always doing this before adding mushrooms to any recipe because it’s so much better than raw or slightly cooked! The 2yo loves these also and eats them like chips. 🙂 I change up the marinade slightly for different things, but this […]