Dinner Rush & Tofu Cream

For various reasons including 5 stitches in my hand… we were behind on dinner plans. Dizzle did a great job throwing together this bowl of tasty goodness. Black beans, corn, red peppers, red onion, jalepenos, tomatoes, topped with tofu cream. (What?!) Print Tofu Cream   Ingredients 12 oz extra firm tofu 4 TB lemon juice […]

Menu Board

I’ve had a craving for black bean burgers, and then I ran across an absolutely delicious sounding veggie burger. Now need to figure out the bun. I’ve never been very successful at that, but I’d rather make my own. Sweet potato oven fries and spicy toasted garbanzos sounded like a good mix, along with a […]

Bread Crumbs

When my bread was a little hollow last week I reserved a few slices to dry. I crumbled it as best I could then lay on a baking pan. These dried overnight in the oven. (no heat, just a convenient place to leave them) Whiz ’em up in the food processor, and…. bread crumbs. Should […]